Well Athena’s big brother Zeus has finally settled with the fact that his little pest of a sister isn’t going anywhere. She has done so well with potty training, zero issues there. She likes to throw a fit at night. So sleep has been minimal. But we take her out and put her back in her cage, I’m not going to let her think she can cry her way out there. But I wanted to send you a pic of her and big brother Zeus. (Indianapolis, IN)

Dear Diane, I haven’t stopped smiling since I first picked up my pup on Saturday. We’ve been bonding so we’ll ever since and I love him dearly. There could not be a more perfect match than the one we have! I’m surprised at how fast he’s starting to learn things, although we still have a long road ahead of us. We have our first trip to the vet tomorrow and we are looking forward to it! Thank you for making this possible. This little guy has already brought me so much joy. Attached are some photos of Goose from this weekend. Regards, Ricky

Hope all is well with you. With Zeus bout to turn 16 weeks in a few days wanted to send a few pics to show how well he's doing and growing. We have to board him this weekend while we go on vacation and they said he was a little dog aggressive at a free run kennel so we signed him up for some obedience classes. We wanted to make sure he had all his puppy shots before we started socializing him with other than our current dogs but seems like it was only creating bad habits. He is already 30 lbs. We will stay in touch. Jonathan (St.Peters, MO)

I thought you'd like a pic of Cleo (and me, since we've never met!). She's doing great and is growing by leaps and bounds! She's about 15 or 16 pounds - almost double her weight when I picked her up! She's curious, playful, sweet, independent and brave, too. We love her to death and can't wait until she can go outside freely - she's VERY energetic and needs to burn off that puppy steam! I'll keep you posted. Thanks for such a wonderful pup! Wyatt (Kew Gardens, NY)

Hope all is well with you. I wanted to update you on Scout our beautiful female Thai Ridgeback. She is everything you said she was and more. Having grown up with Rottweiler’s I was always impressed with their intellect, Scout is every bit as intelligent if not more. She just finished her 5 week obedience class as a 3 month old puppy and was the youngest and smallest of the class. The other 5 puppies were all older (6-7 months) and all larger breeds (German Shepard, Labrador, Labradoodle, Boxer & Golden Retriever) yet Scout performed as well or better than all of them (she passes all ten elements of the AKC Canine Good Citizen program) and was the one to always initiate contact and was never intimidated by the other puppies. She is very playful and her sweet personality captivated all those attending the class with their puppies. When you said she had a great personality you were spot on! She loves everybody and is a wonderful companion she is an Alpha female smart, fearless, extremely athletic and playful. She is doing well with voice commands and will play fetch for up to ½ hour. She is a real attention grabber, whether at the pet store, the Vet or on a walk. Everyone comments on her coat and color (Fawn) and how beautifully structured and muscular she is. We had her at the Veterinarian yesterday for her final shots and she weighed 18 LBS. The Vet is very impressed with her beautiful appearance, health and the breed in general, never having seen a TRB before. It is obvious the genuine care and affection you and everyone at Thai Ridgebacks have for the parents and puppies, I appreciate the care and communication demonstrated throughout the entire process of Scouts birth and the care you provided until we able to bring her home with us. My daughter could not be happier with her! Again, thank you for this beautiful puppy she is a treasured member of the family and will provide many years of love, companionship and entertainment. We would not hesitate to refer any responsible individual to you, if they are interested in a Thai Ridgeback. Kind regards, Gary (Grove City, PA)

Thank you Diane and Thai Ridgebacks so much for our wonderful Thai ridgeback dog!,,,You have been so helpful. From sending me pictures to giving us great advice on all aspects of the breed and how it should be raised. I appreciate the concern you have for all your puppies making it to a good home atmosphere. I also appreciate you being there for me anytime I had any questions. As soon as we arrived to Thai Ridgebacks we knew it was a great home for our puppy to be born at. A well established and clean facility with very helpful employees that you can tell care about the good health of the dogs there. Again every question we had pop up was answered there with confidence. I could not be more happy with the process of getting our beautiful puppy! Thank you so much for raising such a well personality puppy and helping us have the ability to own him! Harry (Red Lion, PA)

Harry from Red Lion, PA sent us this particularly heart warming photo of his Thai Ridgeback. The Thai Ridgeback puppy is doing very well, extremely happy and enjoys sun bathing and spooning as often as possible.

We picked up our new 4 month old Thai Ridgeback puppy that we named Ramsey from you on Saturday June 22, and fell in love with her at first sight. She is a very well behaved, easily trainable puppy, that allowed us to rub her belly the second we met. For a puppy that had never ridden in a car before she did great, crawled in the back window of our Volkswagen beetle and slept the whole way home, which was a 4hr drive. It has been a week now that she has been home with us and we have grown together so much in that time. She is a very friendly puppy who loves other dogs and is great with our 11 year old daughter and our 2 year old great niece. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to own one of the best dogs in the world....Ashley, David, Megan, and Ramsey (Essex, VT)


I would highly recommend Breeder Diane Star. She was extremely easy to work with and the transaction of buying my puppy  went smoothly. If we had any questions we were always able to communicate with her fairly quickly. She kept us informed on our puppy's progress and sent pictures of her growth. The quality of our puppy is unmistakable. We purchased a Blue female Thai Ridgeback from Diane and our girl is absolutely gorgeous. She recently had her wellness exam with our veterinarian. No flaws and is in great health. She is a happy and lively dog. She has a great temperament. Thanks Diane for a wonderful addition to our family! (Sarasota, FL)
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