Thai Ridgebacks

Breed Info

  • Thai Ridgeback derives it's name from, of course, the country from which the breed emanates, and the distinctive line of hair that grows in recognizable patterns from the rest of the coat.
  • Thai Ridgeback, an unusal breed, also known as Mah Thai Lang Ahn, speculated by some to be ancient in origin.

  • Thai Ridgebacks are medium sized, 21" to 24.5" in height, weighing 51 to 75 pounds.

  • Thai Ridgebacks possess a short, dense, smooth coat ranging in color from solid red and chestnut to black, blue and a very light fawn. A black mask is found on Red Thai Ridgebacks.

  • Thai Ridgebacks, until recently, were not widely known outside of Thailand, but are still rare in the United States.

  • Thai Ridgebacks have a distinguished appearance, attracting attention everywhere they go.

  • Thai Ridgebacks are an outstanding hunting and guard dog.

  • Thai Ridgebacks are fun loving, affectionate, obedient, fast learners and are gentle with their families. As with any breed, proper socialization is always necessary for a well adjusted dog.

  • Thai Ridgebacks have a muscular body, powerful looking head and muzzle, along with it's almond shaped eyes and large, high set, triangular ears, can present a somewhat intimidating appearance. However, they make an outstanding companion. As with any dog, a healthy diet, proper socialization, exercise and training will help ensure success in raising a Thai Ridgeback to be an exceptional pet.

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